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Presenter Information

Presenter Information

Poster Presenter Information:

The poster board support will allow the standard ACS poster size of 4 feet high by 6 feet wide. This will be accomplished using styrofoam core boards which are 4 feet wide and 8 feet high. There will be two of these boards at each poster number with one in front of the other. You will be able to slide them apart to match the width of your poster up to the 6 foot ACS width. Some pins will be provided. See the example in image to the right.

Presenters with ODD numbered posters should be by their posters during the first half of the session and those with EVEN poster numbers during the second half of the session.

Oral Presenter Information:

Each presentation room will have a presenter's station (see images below) which includes a computer (Windows OS) and projection system as well as a podium microphone. The computer will have both a USB port for a pen drive as a CD-ROM for loading your presentations on the provided computer. There will also be a cable provided to allow the use of your laptop if interested. The provided connection is an SVGA style connector which are fairly standard for PCs while often need adapter cables for Apple computers. We will have a limited number of adapter cables. If you are bringing your own Apple laptop, please bring an adapter cable if you can.

To use the provided PC, push the button labeled PC and to use your own laptop push the LAPTOP button. The projector is turned on by pushing and holding the ON button in the projector section until the button flashes and starts the projector.

It is recommended that you load your presentation on the computer in the break time before the session of your scheduled talk.

Additionally, remember that both your presentation and your question/answer period need to fit into your allotted presentation time. The presider should have you stay in that timeframe as well.