How does the Chemistry Capstone Course (Chem 499) work?


The Chemistry Capstone course is a year-long course that is worth 2 credits.  It is scheduled for one class period per week during each semester. 

Students may elect to take Chem 499 for 1 credit in each semester (the standard scenario) or 2 credits in one semester and 0 credits in the other (either order).  The latter scenario sometimes helps with planning regarding the 17 credit hour limit under block tuition pricing.  Students should plan their credit distribution carefully.  Once a student registers for Chem 499 the credit distribution can not be changed. 

Bachelors of Science (BS) students present a capstone paper and a seminar about their laboratory research.  Bachelors of Arts (BA) students present a capstone paper and seminar about a literature research topic.   Each capstone student arranges for a faculty member to be their mentor. 

Capstone seminars are presented during afternoons of the Chemistry Capstone Celebration Week in late April or early May each year.