Which courses are offered only in alternating years?


The following courses are offered only in alternating years.  

  • Chem 440 Advanced Organic Chemistry (2 credits, no lab)
  • Chem 450 Inorganic Chemistry (3 credits including a lab)
    This is a required course if a student desires ACS Certification. 
  • Chem 456 Polymers and Biopolymers (3 credits including a lab)

Chem 440 has typically been offered in J-Term.  Chem 450 and Chem 456 have typically been offered in the alternate year during fall semester. Depending on staffing, the possibility of offering one or more of these course in a J-Term or spring semester instead of the fall exists (but still in alternate years). 

In addition to other specific requirements for ACS Certification, a student must take Chem 450 and one other advanced course (405, 440, or 456).  

Consult the Chemistry Department Chair or the PLU online course schedule for information about the upcoming rotation of these courses.