How do I declare a Major or Minor in Chemistry?

To declare a chemistry major or minor:

The process of declaring a major takes place through a meeting of the student with the department chair, at which time the chair submits the major declaration online for the student.  Prior to declarnig the major, a student will likely have discussed curricular options and pathways with the chair or with other chemistry faculty, though advising of this sort can also occur in the same meeting when the major is declared.  To prepare for declaring a major: 

  • Review the Four-Year Advising Plans for the B.A. and B.S. chemistry degree options. 
  • For planning purposes, download an Academic Program Chart (APC) from this page.  Fill in the top part of the APC and mark the box at the top of the column that corresponds to the degree option you wish to declare.  (BS, BA, Minor, etc.)
  • Print an unofficial copy of your transcript from Banner. On the APC, fill in the grades for both the chemistry and supporting courses that you have completed.
  • Make an appointment with the Chair of the Chemistry Department to go over the APC, discuss the overall plan for your degree, and declare the major.  Bring the APC and a copy of your PLU transcript (printed from Banner) to the meeting.  
  • The chair will complete the online major declaration process with you at the advising meeting and ask to take your photo for our majors and minors photo board.  With that, we welcome you aboard as a new major!