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    02/05/2009 08:00
  • Spring ACS National Meeting

    03/22/2009 08:00
    03/26/2009 17:00

    Spring ACS National Meeting: Info

  • The New 500 MHz NMR has arrived and is being installed!

    On Monday January 26th, 2009, the Chemistry Department's new 500 MHz solution and solids NMR began being installed. The construction for the NMR is finishing as the NMR is being installed. Initially, the magnet will be positioned, the dewar evacuated, and the dewars cooled. Next week the magnet will be energized and shimming will begin. Hopefully in three to four weeks, we will have a functioning new high field NMR. The NMR is funded by a grant from the National Science Foundation Major Research Instrumentation award.

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