Processed 1H spectra

A collection of 94 1H spectra in NUTS format, processed from FIDs available in the PLU FTNMR FID Archive at Pacific Lutheran University, can be downloaded.

The spectra are in the form of a zip (compressed) file, containing:

To install:

Each spectrum was saved with integrals, peak list and pointer to the corresponding chemical structure file. To automatically load peak and integral information and the structure file from the file's "tailer", select the "Auto Tailer Read" option from the NUTS File menu.

The zip file also includes a searchable archive file containing information extracted from each spectrum, such as description of the sample, integrals and peak lists. The file is called _master.ndb, and is designed to work with the NUTS Searchable Archive accessory.

For questions about the use of NUTS and its searchable database feature please consult Acorn's Searchable Archive document or contact Acorn NMR directly.