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Chemistry Seminar: Dr. Jennifer Heemstra discusses drug sensing molecules: Oct. 10th at 12:30pm MCLT 103

Dr. Jennifer Heemstra from the University of Utah will be visiting on Monday, October 10th. She will delivery a seminar at 12:30 pm in Morken room 103. The title of her talk is "Drug Sensing using Small Molecule Split-Aptamer Ligation."

For more information, contact Dr. Saxowsky (Rieke SC, room 244, 253-538-6375, saxowstm@plu.edu).

Paul Shelley ('92) and coworkers highlighted in Chem & Eng News article

Paul Shelley ('92) and two of his Boeing coworkers were the highlighted in an article about the handheld IR methods they have devised to analyze airplane composites. They developed methods to use handheld IR spectrometers for analysis of surface coatings and damage of the composite materials used in the new 787 Dreamliner. The article nicely brings their work to light.

Local UW REU Opportunity: "Hooked on Photonics"

The UW "Hooked on Photonics" REU program is again available for students.

Here is a little information about the program with a link and an attachment.

Why use "Gold" as money and not other elements?

Block copolymers in the news as heard on NPR!

'Lute'olin is the ACS Molecule of the Week...


Normally, I don't follow the ACS's Molecule of the Week but this week's MOTW seems to have a fun PLU name (though no connection to PLU). The molecule is 'Lute'olin which is a flavonoid found in a number of plants. Below is the image from the ACS MOTW post and a direct link.


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