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Climate change food calculator: What's your diet's carbon footprint?

Thu, 08/08/2019 - 23:34
Check the environmental impact of what you eat and drink.

Carlton Marshes expansion 'could protect homes from flooding'

Thu, 08/08/2019 - 17:28
A £5m expansion of Suffolk's Carlton Marshes could reduce the impact of surge tides, say its owners.

Climate change: Marine heatwaves kill coral instantly

Thu, 08/08/2019 - 16:01
Marine heat waves, associated with climate change, cause the rapid death of corals, research reveals.

Strange cloud trail leaves observers in awe

Thu, 08/08/2019 - 10:55
A strange cloud trail in the early morning sky above Florida left observers on the ground in awe.

PM vows to 'supercharge' UK science with fast-track visas

Thu, 08/08/2019 - 09:36
Boris Johnson wants a new fast-track visa system to attract leading scientists to work in the UK.

Rosalind Franklin Mars rover nears completion

Thu, 08/08/2019 - 06:08
Engineers are close to finishing the assembly of the joint Europe-Russia robot set for launch in 2020.

Staring at seagulls helps protect food, say scientists

Thu, 08/08/2019 - 02:56
The seaside birds are less likely to steal your chips when you watch them, according to scientists.

TikTok videos spread climate change awareness

Thu, 08/08/2019 - 02:24
The play-on-words hashtag #Globalwarning has been viewed more than 24 million times by users of the app.

Plant-based diet can fight climate change - UN

Thu, 08/08/2019 - 01:00
A major report says the West's high consumption of meat is fuelling global warming.

What's wrong with buying a dinosaur?

Wed, 08/07/2019 - 16:39
There's a growing fashion for fossils, but some argue it is undermining scientific research.

Chernobyl vodka: First consumer product made in exclusion zone

Wed, 08/07/2019 - 16:00
Atomik is made with grain and water from the abandoned area around the damaged nuclear power plant.

Body found in search for scientist in Greece

Wed, 08/07/2019 - 09:32
Natalie Christopher, 35, was last seen on Monday going for a run on the island of Ikaria.

Tardigrades: 'Water bears' stuck on the moon after crash

Wed, 08/07/2019 - 04:32
Tiny animals called tardigrades are thought to have survived a crash-landing on the moon.

Ancient parrot in New Zealand was 1m tall, study says

Wed, 08/07/2019 - 03:47
The parrot roamed New Zealand 19 million years ago, and may have been flightless and carnivorous.

Do these icebergs produce the world's purest water?

Wed, 08/07/2019 - 03:38
Selling water from melted icebergs is big business on Canada's eastern coast, but there are concerns over Arctic warming.

Europe launches second EDRS space laser satellite

Tue, 08/06/2019 - 14:11
Optical links will pull pictures and data from other spacecraft and then speed them to the ground.

Basking sharks caught on ‘SharkCam’ in Inner Hebrides

Tue, 08/06/2019 - 07:00
It is hoped the footage from the Inner Hebrides will reinforce a case for conservation in the area.

Thailand: Hidden temple emerges from drought-hit landscape

Tue, 08/06/2019 - 03:00
An underwater temple in Thailand has emerged as water levels drop in a reservoir.

Climate change: Hungry nations add the least to global CO2

Mon, 08/05/2019 - 16:05
Impoverished African countries are the most food-insecure, stemming from climate change, says a charity.

July confirmed as hottest month on record

Mon, 08/05/2019 - 06:13
July this year was the warmest month ever observed worldwide, satellite data has confirmed.