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About the PLU Chemistry Department Website

February, 2009

This website is hosted on the chemistry department server and is built using Drupal (www.drupal.org, an open source content management system). It is the third generation website for the chemistry department with the first website dating back to 1995. (See examples below) The core website was constructed by Dean Waldow and the faculty and staff can now contribute to the content management as well.  He also developed a Drupal theme for the chemistry department based on PLU CSS code. 

This current website has some similarity to the previous version but also has some new and exciting additions. We now have a much more modern look and feel. We now have the ability to host our faculty and student publications and presentations. We now also have the abilty to have distributed content management, a growing collection of FAQs, and an events calendar to serve our students better as well as other innovative developments.

I would like to thanks folks from the PLU media services for help with some pieces in leading up to this release: Darren Struthers and Layne Nordgren for help with their RSS announcement system, Darren Struthers for some CSS code for a PLU look and feel, and Tony Beal for answering some Drupal questions.

Please feel free to contact me for suggestions or questions.

Dr. Dean Waldow, Professor



Generation 3: Feb. 2009

Generation 2: ~Jan. 2000

Generation 1b: ~1995

Generation 1a: ~1995