The Organic Special Projects Laboratory (CHEM 336)


The Organic Special Projects Laboratory (CHEM 336) is a by-application-only alternative to the regular Organic II Laboratory course (CHEM 334).   The course involves Individual projects emphasizing current professional-level methods of synthesis and property determination of organic compounds.   CHEM 336 is offered only in the spring semester.   Applications are accepted from students during the fall semester approximately at the time of registration for spring classes.   The instructor of record for the upcoming offering of CHEM 336 will coordinate the applicaton process.   All CHEM 332 students should co-register for CHEM 334, and if accepted into CHEM 336 their lab registrations will be changed by the instructor.  Chemistry majors intending a career in chemistry are prioritized highly for acceptance into CHEM 336. 

For students who take organic chemistry during the summer, the following procedures apply.

1.  If a student is taking CHEM 332/334 in the summer AND they are a declared chemistry major, they have the option to delay their Organic II lab coursework until the next Spring term.  As such, they would be eligible to apply for CHEM 336 Organic Special Projects Lab.   
2.  For summer students, the competitive application process will include students who take CHEM 331/333 in the fall.   The criteria for acceptance into CHEM 336 include declared chemistry major status, GPA in chemistry and supporting coursework, and  PLU/post-graduate academic or professional goals.
3.  If a student applies to CHEM 336 in the fall but is not admitted to 336 for the upcoming spring term, the student must enroll in that spring's offering of CHEM 334 Organic Chemistry Lab II.