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Sutherland spaceport plans cover 'extensive' site

BBC Science - Wed, 10/02/2019 - 07:15
Launch towers and "antenna farms" have been proposed for the 815-acre site in the north Highlands.

Johnson & Johnson Reaches Settlement in First Federal Opioids Trial

NYT Science - Tue, 10/01/2019 - 18:39
The drugmaker will pay $10 million in the case, plus additional contributions worth $10.4 million, to avoid going to trial in two Ohio counties for its role in the opioids crisis.

Why are so few women inventors named on patents?

BBC Science - Tue, 10/01/2019 - 16:06
Women inventors account for just under 13% of patent applications globally, according to a study.

How to weigh a whale without a scale

BBC Science - Tue, 10/01/2019 - 16:06
Drones can be used to work out the body mass of the largest animals on the planet, helping in their conservation.

The Himalayan village that confiscates single-use plastics

BBC Science - Tue, 10/01/2019 - 16:01
This tiny Himalayan village has shunned single-use plastics – the impact is too serious for them.

Tsunamis linked to spread of deadly fungal disease

BBC Science - Tue, 10/01/2019 - 16:00
A huge earthquake off Alaska in the 1960s caused tsunamis that scientists say washed a tropical fungus ashore.

A Huge Iceberg Split From Antarctica. (They Just Grew Apart.)

NYT Science - Tue, 10/01/2019 - 15:38
An iceberg larger than the island of Oahu broke off from an Antarctic ice sheet last week. 

Scientists estimate Earth's total carbon store

BBC Science - Tue, 10/01/2019 - 14:50
There are 1.85 billion, billion tonnes of carbon on Earth, nearly all of it held beneath the surface.

An Interstellar Comet, in Time for the Holidays

NYT Science - Tue, 10/01/2019 - 14:35
On Dec. 7, the extrasolar comet now known as 2I/Borisov will make its closest approach to the sun.

Up Close and Personal: New Essays From Leslie Jamison

NYT Science - Tue, 10/01/2019 - 09:30
In her second collection, “Make It Scream, Make It Burn,” the author of “The Empathy Exams” wages a journalistic battle between sentiment and detachment.

D.E.A. Let Opioid Production Surge as Crisis Grew, Inspector General Says

NYT Science - Tue, 10/01/2019 - 09:03
The watchdog office, which is under the umbrella of the Justice Department, said the agency authorized large increases in the production of painkillers even as drug-related deaths soared.

Island reveals rising tide of plastic waste

BBC Science - Tue, 10/01/2019 - 05:43
A remote island in the southern Atlantic Ocean reveals the scale of the problem of plastic waste facing our seas.

Dutch tractor protest sparks 'worst rush hour'

BBC Science - Tue, 10/01/2019 - 03:48
There were some 1,100km (700 miles) of jams as farmers reacted to plans to cut nitrogen emissions.

Collecting polar bear footprints to map family trees

BBC Science - Tue, 10/01/2019 - 03:18
Scientists use new 'environmental DNA' technique to identify each polar bear and their relationship.

Meat’s Bad for You! No, It’s Not! How Experts See Different Things in the Data

NYT Science - Tue, 10/01/2019 - 03:13
As the latest controversy over new research illustrates, nutrition science can be open to interpretation.

The Real Problem With Beef

NYT Science - Tue, 10/01/2019 - 02:24
An extensive study confirms that red meat might not be that bad for you. But it is bad for the planet, with chicken and pork less harmful than beef.

Bloodhound supersonic car set for high-speed trials

BBC Science - Tue, 10/01/2019 - 02:23
The UK-led project to break the land speed record is ready to start testing in South Africa.

Pine martens returned to Forest of Dean after facing extinction

BBC Science - Mon, 09/30/2019 - 16:42
A group of Scottish pine martens have been brought to the Forest of Dean and fitted with tracking collars.

Asthma 3-in-1 Therapy May Improve Lung Function, Study Shows

NYT Science - Mon, 09/30/2019 - 15:01
Two clinical trials show that using a single inhaler with three drugs may help people whose asthma is difficult to treat.

That Perplexing Red Meat Controversy: 5 Things to Know

NYT Science - Mon, 09/30/2019 - 14:34
It may be the most unexpected dietary finding to come along in years.


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