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Bouncing deer spotted by walker on beach in Poole

Tue, 09/20/2016 - 08:24
A deer has been filmed bouncing along a beach in Poole Harbour.

Invasive Asian Hornet spotted in Britain for first time, experts confirm

Tue, 09/20/2016 - 08:23
An invasive hornet that kills honey bees is spotted in Britain for the first time, experts confirm.

Should you keep your cat on a lead?

Tue, 09/20/2016 - 06:09
Dr Peter Marra explains why pet cats should not be allowed to roam

French MP inquiry calls for abattoir video cameras

Tue, 09/20/2016 - 04:52
A parliamentary inquiry recommends video monitoring to tackle abuses in abattoirs, after secretly filmed videos shocked the French public.

Teleportation step toward quantum internet

Tue, 09/20/2016 - 04:37
Physicists have set a new bar for quantum teleportation - transferring information from one place to another without anything physically travelling between the locations.

Anglo-Saxon 'palace' found at Rendlesham near Sutton Hoo site

Tue, 09/20/2016 - 02:24
Archaeologists believe they have found a lost Anglo-Saxon royal palace about four miles (6km) from one of Britain's best known finds.

Green spaces worth £2.2bn to public health in England

Mon, 09/19/2016 - 16:56
Outdoor exercise delivers an estimated £2.2bn of health benefits to adults in England each year, a study suggests.

China embarked on wind power frenzy, says IEA

Mon, 09/19/2016 - 16:56
China has been building two wind turbines every hour, the International Energy Agency (IEA) has told BBC News.

Let mangroves recover to protect coasts

Mon, 09/19/2016 - 00:46
Allowing mangrove forests to recover naturally result in more resilient habitats that benefit both wildlife and people, say conservationists.

Solar-powered tuk-tuk completes India to UK trip

Fri, 09/16/2016 - 10:33
Engineer Naveen Rabelli has completed a 6,000 mile journey from India to the UK in a solar-powered tuk-tuk.

How Indonesia's rare birds are facing extinction

Fri, 09/16/2016 - 05:43
A BBC team finds rare Java hawks for sale, as environmentalists say more must be done to tackle Indonesia's illegal bird trade.

In pictures: Astro Photographer of the Year

Thu, 09/15/2016 - 17:41
Some of the winning images from this year's competition.

Second lowest minimum for Arctic ice

Thu, 09/15/2016 - 10:21
Arctic ice cover in 2016 reached the second lowest minimum on record, tied with 2007.

Dinosaur's camouflage pattern revealed

Thu, 09/15/2016 - 09:40
Scientists have recreated the colour patterns of a dinosaur, revealing a camouflage used by animals today.

MH370 search: Tanzania debris 'part of missing plane'

Thu, 09/15/2016 - 09:15
A large item of debris found off the coast of Tanzania belongs to the missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370, Australian investigators confirm.

Hundreds of Japanese horseshoe crabs wash up dead on beaches

Thu, 09/15/2016 - 08:22
Nearly 500 horseshoe crabs wash up dead on Japan's southern beaches, near Kitakyushu City, mystifying experts.

Clear path to Ariane 6 rocket introduction

Thu, 09/15/2016 - 06:25
The company set up to manufacture Europe's next-generation rocket - the Ariane 6 - says it is open to orders as the European Space Agency gives its final approval to the new vehicle.

Concern over falling kea numbers in New Zealand

Thu, 09/15/2016 - 05:10
Conservationists seek public help to protect the famously inquisitive birds.

Tesla criticised over Autopilot safety

Thu, 09/15/2016 - 03:35
Tesla has been criticised by a former business partner for "pushing the envelope" on car safety with its Autopilot technology.

Western Isles rock offers potential clue to life on Mars

Thu, 09/15/2016 - 03:08
Analysis of rocks in the Western Isles has provided "a tantalising clue" that Mars may contain habitats which can potentially support life.