Changing a Solutions Probe


  1. Remove sample (this step insures there is no sample in the probe): 
    (a) EJ command in Topspin to turn in eject air and eject sample if present. 
    (b) IJ command in Topspin to turn off eject air.
  2. EDTE command in Topspin - To make sure VT heater is off
  3. Disconnect cables
    1. Gradient
    2. Thermo:  (a) Power; (b) Signal
    3. Heater
    4. Air
    5. PICS
    6. Rf cables
  4. Loosen probe mounting screws while supporting probe with hands, then carefully withdraw the probe
  5. Insert new probe and secure with mounting screws
  6. Connect cables
  7. Execute "EDHEAD" Topspin command
  8. Insert Sample
  9. RPAR - select desired experiment (start with PROTON to verify parameters)
  10. RSH - select appropriate shim file
  11. ATMA
  12. LOCK "solvent name"
  13. TOPSHIM 1D
  14. Create a new dataset


BBO Notes - CF in progress

For 13P Sample

Load triphenylphosphate standard sample

Open an existing triphenylphosphate data file

RPAR - read 31P parameter file

RSH - read shim file for BBO probe - BBO.shim

LOCK acetone (acetone is the solvent for the triphenylphosphate standard)