Optimizing for CP-MAS Experiments

Overview steps to optimize for acquiring solids CP-MAS data.

  1. Install Probe
  2. Check magic angle using KBr
  3. Check / measure 1H power levels for adamantane
  4. Set Hartmann-Hahn match for adamantane
  5. Ready for CP measurements

1) Install probe using the directions on the following book page:

2) Check magic angle using KBr

  • Insert KBr standard sample:
  • Set Angle in mascontrol
  • Set spin rate to 5000 Hz (at least what Shane and Rusty did)
  • Create new data set based on '20100114_Shane_training' with experiment 10
  • edasp to check routing - uses X channel for 1000W
  • Check BSMS to make sure lock and sweep are off
  • wobb to tune Br, set sweep width to 40 MHz
  • Setup for a ns=1 and run gs setting screen for either ft or fid and max sidebands by adjusting the brass micrometer on the probe

3) Check / measure 1H power levels (or is this for 90s???) for adamantane

  • Put in adamantane
  • Tune C and H