2018-08-01 - MAS 2 Unit failure

Late July to early August. MAS 2 failed after power outage.

Got loaner MAS2.

Switched serial ports of bacs (tty01) and mas2 (tty04) and changed config in cf.

Had to setup the touch screen of the MAS2 for the probes we have.

Was able to set the magic angle with KBr and also calibrated the H90/power to be 4.65 µs at 61.8W.

Several solids issues (C13 90/power and HH match) not yet resolved.

Switching back to solutions but

  • BACS has issues: 15 shim system not empty
  • BSMS Error:  Error 113: SLCBLid is close
  • SX 1 gives timeout: device locked, off or not connected.

BACS Error from a BACS Manual:

Error 15: Shim System Not Empty


  •  During initialization, B-ACS tried to move down to the BST to check if there is a sample hanging at the pincer, but the BST upper light barrier beam is already interrupted, or
  • B-ACS tried to insert a sample into the magnet and there is already a sam- ple inside the BST (BST upper light barrier is closed) or, if the sample down detection box is installed, it is detected down inside the magnet.

Possible reasons:

  • There is really a sample down in the magnet.
  • There is really a sample at the top of the BST interrupting the upper light barrier beam (e.g. lift was turned on manually using the BSMS keyboard and a sample was in the magnet and is now hovering in the air stream).
  • The sample down detection box is not working correctly (if installed)
  • The BST upper light barrier is damaged.

Check the following:

  • Insert / Eject samples using the manual lift button (or the diagnostic com- mands LU and LD - see section 6.8).
  • Observe the sensor LED’s “SIGSH” (if you have a new electronics) and “Samp Down” (only if the sample down detection box is installed).
  • Query B-ACS for the state of the upper shim light barrier using the diagnos- tic commands ST and OS (see chapter 6), and for the state of the sample down detection sensor using the command PD (see section 6.7.1).
  • If the sample down detection unit is installed, check if the jumper inside the unit is really set to B-ACS (it may be set to BSR).

Technical Background:

  • The sensor signal SIGSH is wired using connector #5 at the connector panel.
  • The sensor signal SAMPLE DOWN is wired using connector #8 at the connec- tor panel.

Contacting Bruker...

Will work with rover on 9/12 for both solids issues and BACS issue.


About 4/1/2019...

Received the repaired MAS2 unit back.




Setup and checked settings...



Re-installed the MAS2 unit...



Tested with samples using CPMAS probe.