General Education Course Objectives

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Memo from Jan Lewis: 

Date: February 24, 2009

To: Department Chairs and Deans

From: Jan Lewis, Associate Provost for Curriculum

Re: Submission of General Education Element Documents—May 1, 2009

This memo is a reminder to all departments with responsibility for
General Education Elements that the completed Element Document (attached)
is due to the Associate Provost for Curriculum no later than May 1, 2009.
The information outline includes:

• Framing Language and Program Goals (from catalog and website): • General Education Element Description (from new General Education Program) • General Education Element Learning Outcomes The student will: • If appropriate, particular course outcomes (e.g., PHED 100, PSYCH 101, SOCI 101) • Alignment to the ILOs: List the ILOs that align to this General Education element. Examples of completed templates are available on the Provost website, under General Education. Drafts are welcome for review and feedback. Any questions, please contact Jan Lewis (x7283,


Documents are attached regarding the gen ed course outcomes.


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