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ScienceTake: The Truth Behind a Snake’s Deadly Embrace

NY Times Science - Mon, 08/24/2015 - 03:00
Boa constrictors don’t take a victim’s breath away to kill it. A herpetologist and his colleagues, with the help of a rat, tested conventional wisdom.

VIDEO: Exploring England's coastal wildlife

BBC Science - Sun, 08/23/2015 - 22:01
Wildlife in the British countryside has been exhaustively catalogued, but the same is not true for wildlife off the coast.

Met Office loses BBC weather contract

BBC Science - Sun, 08/23/2015 - 05:08
The Met Office has lost its weather forecasting contract with the BBC after providing the service for nearly a century, it confirms.

VIDEO: The highs and lows of BBC weather forecasts

BBC Science - Sun, 08/23/2015 - 03:51
As the Met Office loses the contract to provide data for the BBC it has held since 1922, we look back at the art of delivering the weather forecast.

Washington zoo welcomes twin pandas

BBC Science - Sat, 08/22/2015 - 21:47
A giant panda at Smithsonian National Zoo in Washington DC gives birth to twin cubs.

Giant Panda Gives Birth to Two Cubs at the National Zoo

NY Times Science - Sat, 08/22/2015 - 21:18
Mei Xiang, a giant panda at the National Zoo in Washington, gave birth to healthy twin cubs on Saturday, three days after the zoo’s staff discovered she was pregnant.

California Dam Lets Water Shared by Farms Flow to Salmon

NY Times Science - Sat, 08/22/2015 - 14:18
Releases from the Lewiston Dam are intended to protect fish in the Klamath River that sustain Indian tribes, but they could revive a fight over competing claims for irrigation.

Global Health: Vaccinations Bring Hope, Bracelets Deliver Reminders

NY Times Science - Sat, 08/22/2015 - 04:00
A simple, cheap silicon bracelet could help mothers in developing countries get their babies vaccinated on schedule.

News Analysis: Decades of Data Fail to Resolve Debate on Treating Tiny Breast Lesions

NY Times Science - Fri, 08/21/2015 - 17:38
The study’s authors said the data indicates that treatment has not made much of a difference, if any, for the tens of thousands of women a year who are told they have this condition.

Breast Cancer Treatment and D.C.I.S.: Readers React

NY Times Science - Fri, 08/21/2015 - 13:56
An article Thursday about treatment for ductal carcinoma in situ prompted a wide range of responses, anger, sadness and relief among them.

Middle East wars 'improve the air'

BBC Science - Fri, 08/21/2015 - 12:07
Armed conflict and civil disturbance in the Middle East since 2010 have had the unintended consequence of making the air cleaner.

Rare wolf pack spotted in California

BBC Science - Fri, 08/21/2015 - 08:54
The appearance of the five grey wolf pups and two adults could signal a return of the animals, which haven't been found in the state since 1924.

'Oldest' message in a bottle found

BBC Science - Fri, 08/21/2015 - 08:40
A message in a bottle that washed up more than 108 years after it was thrown into the sea may be the world's oldest, a marine association says.

One Direction's video reviewed by space expert

BBC Science - Fri, 08/21/2015 - 04:38
It's the first music video Niall, Liam, Louis and Harry have released without Zayn.

'Farewell' pictures of Saturn moon

BBC Science - Fri, 08/21/2015 - 03:40
The Cassini probe to Saturn returns its final close-up images of the Dione moon as it begins its "long goodbye".

A Racial Gap in Attitudes Toward Hospice Care

NY Times Science - Fri, 08/21/2015 - 03:00
Suspicions about end-of-life options remain strong among many African-Americans. Some doctors and clergy members are going to church to reshape views.

GM trees 'strangled' by red tape

BBC Science - Thu, 08/20/2015 - 23:38
US researchers say it has become "virtually impossible" to plant genetically modified trees in any part of the world.

Matter: Evolving a Defense, Mimics Save Themselves

NY Times Science - Thu, 08/20/2015 - 21:42
Many animals make elaborate disguises to save themselves from predators. And the disguises often seem to be better than they need to be.

New Methods for Cancer May Benefit Jimmy Carter’s Fight

NY Times Science - Thu, 08/20/2015 - 18:07
Experts said the former president, even at 90, was a good candidate for the treatment he has just begun: a highly-targeted form of radiation and an immunotherapy drug.

Breast Cancer Treatment and D.C.I.S.: Answers to Questions About New Findings

NY Times Science - Thu, 08/20/2015 - 13:53
A large study following 100,000 patients with ductal carcinoma in situ for 20 years raises doubts about the standard treatment for the conditions.

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