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Great Dunmow postbox out of action while birds nest inside

BBC Science - Tue, 04/18/2017 - 22:23
A postbox gets the stamp of approval from a pair of nesting birds.

Health Insurers Make Case for Subsidies, but Get Little Assurance From Administration

NY Times Science - Tue, 04/18/2017 - 17:34
Insurers have been closely watching as President Trump and congressional lawmakers debate the future of subsidies that help lower deductibles and co-payments.

Whale world

BBC Science - Tue, 04/18/2017 - 14:32
A study that attached cameras with suction cups to the backs of Antarctic whales has revealed never before seen feeding habits and social interactions.

Iceberg tourists flock to Newfoundland town

BBC Science - Tue, 04/18/2017 - 13:27
A new resident off the coast of a Canadian town has turned it into a cool tourist spot.

Trilobites: This Is a Giant Shipworm. You May Wish It Had Stayed In Its Tube.

NY Times Science - Tue, 04/18/2017 - 12:47
It’s actually a clam, it lives on sulfur and researchers have studied a living specimen for the first time.

Slims River: Climate change causes 'river piracy' in Canada's Yukon

BBC Science - Tue, 04/18/2017 - 10:48
When a team of scientists went to the Yukon to study the Slims River, all they found was a "skinny lake".

Live, long and black giant shipworm found in Philippines

BBC Science - Tue, 04/18/2017 - 09:03
Scientists find live specimens of the giant shipworm, described as "rare and enigmatic".

Fish 'pool' their experience to solve problems

BBC Science - Tue, 04/18/2017 - 08:17
Some of them may know where to find food but not how to access it while others know how to get at it but not where it is hidden.

Google Earth adds Attenborough world tours

BBC Science - Tue, 04/18/2017 - 08:06
The BBC's Sir David Attenborough will show people "natural treasures" within the new Google Earth.

Mega-constellation satellites will need 'rapid disposal'

BBC Science - Tue, 04/18/2017 - 06:15
Good management of spacecraft mega-constellations can avoid polluting the orbital environment.

Dinner With a Dung Beetle

NY Times Science - Tue, 04/18/2017 - 03:08
In this 360° video, get an up-close look at how a dung beetle in Laikipia, Kenya, prepares a meal.

Rescued bears settle in to new life in Ukraine

BBC Science - Tue, 04/18/2017 - 02:51
The two brown bears were found by Ukrainian charity Four Paws.

The Climate Issue: Is It O.K. to Tinker With the Environment to Fight Climate Change?

NY Times Science - Tue, 04/18/2017 - 02:00
Scientists are investigating whether releasing tons of particulates into the atmosphere might be good for the planet. Not everyone thinks this is a good idea.

The Climate Issue: When Rising Seas Transform Risk Into Certainty

NY Times Science - Tue, 04/18/2017 - 02:00
Along parts of the East Coast, the entire system of insuring coastal property is beginning to break down.

Crime 'threatens nearly half the world's natural heritage sites'

BBC Science - Mon, 04/17/2017 - 17:13
Poaching, illegal logging and fishing are threatening some of the world's most iconic natural heritage sites.

Scientists and Activists Look Beyond the March for Science

NY Times Science - Mon, 04/17/2017 - 14:37
On Saturday scientists and their advocates are expected to fill streets in more than 500 cities. But what they do next is just as important.

The March for Science: Why Some Are Going, and Some Will Sit Out

NY Times Science - Mon, 04/17/2017 - 14:37
In remarks submitted to The Times, some said the president’s posture toward science demanded a response, but others worried about the politicization of science.

Take a Number: Ranks of Scientists Aging Faster Than Other Workers

NY Times Science - Mon, 04/17/2017 - 14:12
The percentage of scientists aged 55 and older nearly doubled from 1993 to 2008, amid concerns that young researchers are getting crowded out.

A California Court for Young Adults Calls on Science

NY Times Science - Mon, 04/17/2017 - 13:48
San Francisco’s Young Adult Court, created in 2015, is based on recent research suggesting that brain development extends beyond age 18, into the 20s.

Out There: ‘Genius’ Unravels the Mysteries of Einstein’s Universe

NY Times Science - Mon, 04/17/2017 - 13:42
A new series on the National Geographic Channel introduces viewers to the man behind the cuddly accent and the curvatures of space-time.
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