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Obama Climate Plan, Now in Court, May Hinge on Error in 1990 Law

NY Times Science - Sun, 09/25/2016 - 16:12
A failure to resolve conflicting amendments in the Clean Air Act about 26 years ago could imperil the president’s signature climate change policy.

Pangolin: The most trafficked mammal in the world

BBC Science - Sun, 09/25/2016 - 16:08
A conference in South Africa could make the trade in pangolin illegal.

Data Points: Where Ice Once Crushed Ships, Open Water Beckons

NY Times Science - Sun, 09/25/2016 - 14:46
Two voyages to the Northwest Passage, separated by nearly two centuries, underscore the big changes underway in the Arctic as the planet warms.

China Hunts for Scientific Glory, and Aliens, With New Telescope

NY Times Science - Sun, 09/25/2016 - 05:59
The telescope, which officially began operating on Sunday in a majestic but poor part of Guizhou Province, embodies China’s ambitions as a scientific power.

New report confirms grim outlook for elephants

BBC Science - Sun, 09/25/2016 - 04:55
Elephant populations in Africa have declined by around 111,000 over the past ten years according to a new study presented at the Cites meeting in South Africa.

China's colossal radio telescope begins testing

BBC Science - Sun, 09/25/2016 - 02:41
The world's largest radio telescope has received its first signals from space and is now entering an intensive testing phase.

Poor food 'risks health of half the world'

BBC Science - Sat, 09/24/2016 - 18:28
As the population grows over the next 20 years half the world will be left malnourished, an independent panel of experts on food and agriculture warns.

Grand Canyon in blue

BBC Science - Sat, 09/24/2016 - 16:38
President Barack Obama has created the first underwater national monument off the US east coast, protecting a vast ecosystem of canyons and extinct volcanoes. It is home to thousands of rare species, but is also a source of controversy.

How to encourage hedgehogs into your garden

BBC Science - Sat, 09/24/2016 - 16:34
A hedgehog officer explains how to help hedgehogs in your garden

Jack Garman, Whose Judgment Call Saved Moon Landing, Dies at 72

NY Times Science - Sat, 09/24/2016 - 12:28
Mr. Garman was at a back-room console on July 20, 1969, when Neil Armstrong told mission control of a possible computer systems overload. “As long as it doesn’t reoccur, it’s fine,” Mr. Garman said.

The Deflategate Scientists Unlock Their Lab

NY Times Science - Sat, 09/24/2016 - 12:00
The researchers whose work led to Tom Brady’s suspension have never spoken publicly. Now they’re eager to say they were right, no matter what Patriots fans believe.

Deep divisions over elephants to dominate key species meeting

BBC Science - Sat, 09/24/2016 - 03:34
The world's biggest conference on species protection has opened in South Africa amid differing views on the survival of elephants.

Horses can communicate with us - scientists

BBC Science - Fri, 09/23/2016 - 16:13
Horses have joined a select club of animals that can communicate by pointing to symbols, say scientists.

Op-Ed Contributor: Why Industrial Farms Are Good for the Environment

NY Times Science - Fri, 09/23/2016 - 09:52
Technology has helped make them more sustainable than at any time in history.

Skeleton find could rewrite Roman history

BBC Science - Fri, 09/23/2016 - 07:32
Two skeletons have been discovered in a London graveyard which could change our view of the history of Europe and Asia.

The Saturday Profile: An Expert on Chinese Medicine, but No New Age Healer

NY Times Science - Fri, 09/23/2016 - 06:30
Paul U. Unschuld has done more to promote Chinese medicine than perhaps any other Westerner, but he sees it more as a clue to the culture than as an exotic cure.

Sinosphere: Chinese City Urges Comrades to Do Their Part and Reproduce

NY Times Science - Fri, 09/23/2016 - 04:11
The appeal by Yichang officials, coming so soon after the end of the national one-child policy, was met with howls of amazement and resentment on social media.

Species body says extra elephant protection could boost ivory trade

BBC Science - Fri, 09/23/2016 - 03:30
The body tasked with managing trade in endangered species will oppose efforts to increase global protection for elephants, saying it could spark a new trade in ivory.

What in the World: Australia Is Not as Down Under as Everyone Thinks It Is

NY Times Science - Fri, 09/23/2016 - 02:00
That map of Australia you have? It’s wrong. And the whole country is going to officially relocate north to correct the error.

Bird flu poses threat to penguins - scientists

BBC Science - Fri, 09/23/2016 - 02:00
Flu carried by migratory birds poses a risk to penguins living in Antarctica, scientists warn.
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