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Ocean mapping XPRIZE cuts teams to 21

Fri, 02/17/2017 - 05:55
The international competition to drive innovation in seafloor mapping announces the teams that will take part in its semi-final stage.

Call for brain donors

Thu, 02/16/2017 - 23:32
Scientists are calling for more people to donate their brains to research to help find cures for mental and psychological disorders.

Cardiff Uni's new way of making compounds for drugs

Thu, 02/16/2017 - 23:28
Researchers in Cardiff develop a new "highly-efficient" method of extracting disease-fighting compounds.

Zealandia: Is there an eighth continent under New Zealand?

Thu, 02/16/2017 - 23:25
It's almost all under water, but Zealandia should be considered a continent, say researchers.

Scientists appeal for more people to donate their brains

Thu, 02/16/2017 - 21:13
They say they are lacking the brains of people with disorders such as depression and PTSD.

UK scientists seek closer relationship with US after Brexit

Thu, 02/16/2017 - 20:32
Research institutions want to make it easier for scientists to collaborate and share facilities.

'Seagrasses' vital to coastal health

Thu, 02/16/2017 - 12:33
Underwater flowering plants play multiple roles in keeping coastal ecosystems healthy.

Event Horizon Telescope ready to image black hole

Thu, 02/16/2017 - 10:01
An Earth-sized "virtual telescope" is ready to take the first ever picture of a black hole - the monster mysterious object at the centre of our galaxy.

Weather experts say new El Niño possible later this year

Thu, 02/16/2017 - 06:41
The World Meteorological Organisation say there is a possibility of a new El Niño later this year.

How can the UK reduce air pollution?

Thu, 02/16/2017 - 06:02
The European Commission says the UK has two months to address repeated breaches of air pollutants.

Running ants: Why scientists built an insect treadmill

Thu, 02/16/2017 - 05:09
The researchers recording ants' brain activity as they run.

Autism detectable in brain long before symptoms appear

Wed, 02/15/2017 - 11:04
The discovery could lead to better tests and therapies for children with autism.

Winston Churchill's views on aliens revealed in lost essay

Wed, 02/15/2017 - 11:00
A newly unearthed essay by Winston Churchill reveals he was open to the possibility of life on other planets.

Air pollution 'final warning' from European Commission to UK

Wed, 02/15/2017 - 05:37
The European Commission says it will take the matter to the EU court if countries fail to act.

Football headers 'linked to brain damage'

Wed, 02/15/2017 - 03:58
Footballers suffer similar brain damage to boxers, a small scientific study suggests.

First live birth evidence in dinosaur relative

Tue, 02/14/2017 - 11:20
Scientists have uncovered the first evidence of live births in the group of animals that includes dinosaurs, crocodiles and birds.

History sheds light on Amazon's rich tree diversity

Tue, 02/14/2017 - 10:43
The rich, diverse communities of trees in the Amazon are the result of species spreading over the vast area over geological time, a study suggests.

The mystery of the whoop whooping bee

Tue, 02/14/2017 - 07:51
Scientists think they have found the explanation behind sounds generated by bees

Banned chemicals persist in deep ocean

Mon, 02/13/2017 - 10:08
Chemicals banned in the 1970s have been found in the deepest reaches of the ocean, according to a new study.

New Zealand whales: Hundreds refloat on high tide at Farewell Spit

Sun, 02/12/2017 - 07:16
More than 200 whales stranded on a remote beach in New Zealand on Saturday have refloated themselves and returned to sea.