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VIDEO: Medieval 'sea monster' raised from Baltic

Tue, 08/11/2015 - 17:50
The figurehead from a 15th century ship, the Gribshunden, has been raised from the Baltic Sea near Ronneby, Sweden, more than 500 years after it sank.

Lost in space? Nasa under pressure

Tue, 08/11/2015 - 16:48
Are Nasa's robotic spacecraft plans in trouble?

VIDEO: Robots that build 'baby robots'

Tue, 08/11/2015 - 16:05
Researchers have developed a robot that can build "baby" robots that get progressively better at moving without any human intervention.

Eye movements 'change dream scenes'

Tue, 08/11/2015 - 16:02
The first ever recordings from inside the human brain during REM sleep suggest that flickering eyes accompany "scene changes" in our dreams.

Robots learn to evolve and improve

Tue, 08/11/2015 - 16:02
Engineers develop a robotic system that evolves and improves its performance.

VIDEO: The tower that helps to clear smog

Tue, 08/11/2015 - 16:01
Dutch artist Daan Roosegaarde's project cleans polluted air and allows the smog particles to be turned into jewellery

Athletes suspended after doping retests

Tue, 08/11/2015 - 09:46
IAAF retests from the 2005 and 2007 World Championships return "adverse findings" for 28 athletes tested for doping.

'Shudder' over Australia carbon plan

Tue, 08/11/2015 - 07:30
How does Australia's pledge on carbon emissions compare in the run-up to the Paris climate summit?

Rare bumblebee numbers grow in UK

Tue, 08/11/2015 - 03:44
A second attempt to reintroduce an extinct bumblebee to the UK is proving successful, conservationists say.

VIDEO: Top tips to view a meteor shower

Tue, 08/11/2015 - 02:59
Skywatchers are in for a dazzling display as the annual Perseid meteor shower reaches its peak on Wednesday.

Why is Japan restarting Sendai reactor?

Tue, 08/11/2015 - 00:55
Why is Japan restarting the Sendai reactor?

Survey puts figure on fading cosmos

Mon, 08/10/2015 - 13:44
A survey examining 200,000 galaxies in multiple wavelengths offers the best estimate yet of how fast the Universe is fading.

VIDEO: Astronauts bite into space salad

Mon, 08/10/2015 - 13:42
Astronauts on board the International Space Station (ISS) sample some space-grown lettuce.

Spill turns Colorado river yellow

Mon, 08/10/2015 - 11:17
A toxic leak of wastewater that has turned a Colorado river mustard yellow is three times larger than US officials had originally estimated.

Warming threat to UK butterflies

Mon, 08/10/2015 - 08:03
Drought sensitive butterfly species could be driven to extinction across the UK by 2050 according to new research.

VIDEO: Sellafield robots set to clean-up

Mon, 08/10/2015 - 06:55
Technology being developed at the nuclear spent fuel facility at Sellafield, Cumbria, could prove highly lucrative in the growing business of industrial clear up.

Plant eats bee-killing Asian hornets

Mon, 08/10/2015 - 06:20
Bee-killing Asian hornets spreading across Europe are fatally attracted to a carnivorous plant, French experts say.

VIDEO: Divers in underwater plastics clean-up

Mon, 08/10/2015 - 01:21
A group of divers in Cornwall are engaged in an underwater clean-up, in a bid to stop plastic rubbish damaging marine life.

Bangladesh 'tiger poachers' shot dead

Sun, 08/09/2015 - 20:11
Six suspected tiger poachers are shot dead in a gunfight with Bangladeshi police in the world's largest mangrove forest, the Sundarbans.

VIDEO: Pakistan monsoon flood toll hits 170

Sun, 08/09/2015 - 17:34
At least 170 people have been killed in Pakistan in this year's monsoon rains.