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Hubble takes super-snap of Mars

Fri, 05/20/2016 - 01:21
The Hubble Space Telescope produces another of its stunning portraits of Mars, as the planet lines up with the Earth and the Sun.

Mini-robot perches like an insect

Thu, 05/19/2016 - 22:23
Miniature flying robot that can perch and take off could be used in search and rescue, scientists say.

Fracking approval under consideration

Thu, 05/19/2016 - 16:20
Councillors in North Yorkshire will consider whether to approve fracking in England for the first time since a ban on the technique was lifted in 2012.

VIDEO: See a robotic insect in action

Thu, 05/19/2016 - 16:09
Miniature flying robot that can perch and take off could be used in search and rescue, scientists say.

VIDEO: When eagle owl chick met a human

Thu, 05/19/2016 - 12:21
Footage has captured an eagle owl chick in Croatia meeting a human for the first time.

Global antibiotics 'revolution' needed

Thu, 05/19/2016 - 09:19
A global revolution in the use of antimicrobials is needed, according to a government backed report.

Bayer makes takeover offer for Monsanto

Thu, 05/19/2016 - 09:02
Bayer is offering to buy agricultural giant Monsanto in a deal that could create the world's biggest supplier of seeds and pesticides.

Evidence of ancient tsunamis on Mars

Thu, 05/19/2016 - 05:52
Scientists suggest that at least two huge tsunamis once swept across the Red Planet, triggered by large impacts.

'Cover-up' row over McDonald's fish

Thu, 05/19/2016 - 01:03
A leaked New Zealand government memo casts serious doubts on the sustainability of fish that are widely used in McDonald's restaurants.

Totten Glacier may face 'rapid retreat'

Wed, 05/18/2016 - 21:29
A study finds unchecked climate change could destabilise Antarctica's huge Totten Glacier in the coming centuries, pushing up global oceans by 2m, or more.

The bank account that gives you a shock

Wed, 05/18/2016 - 16:01
One British firm is seeking to put the buzz back into budgeting by giving bank customers an electric shock if they overspend.

What AI can learn from Tube passengers

Wed, 05/18/2016 - 10:38
Neuroscientists find that when we navigate a train network, our brains split the task into a hierarchy of different jobs - a strategy that AI developers want to mimic.

Agricultural emissions 'reality check'

Wed, 05/18/2016 - 07:51
A new report says that global agricultural emissions must be slashed to prevent the planet warming by more than 2C over the next century.

VIDEO: China's new deep sea submarine

Wed, 05/18/2016 - 05:14
Look inside a life-size model of a submarine which the Chinese hope will take humans to the very bottom of the ocean - the Mariana Trench, in the Pacific.

Zika virus may reach Europe this summer

Wed, 05/18/2016 - 05:01
The Zika virus could spread to Europe this summer, although the likelihood of an outbreak is low to moderate according to the World Health Organization.

VIDEO: Hunting universe's strangest particles

Wed, 05/18/2016 - 04:52
Deep underground, beneath Daya Bay in the south of China, scientists are hunting for the oddest particles in the cosmos - neutrinos.

Satellite pictures 'clear skies' Africa

Wed, 05/18/2016 - 04:03
The EU's new Sentinel-2a satellite builds a cloud-free view of Africa as it moves towards full capacity mapping.

Life 'went large' a billion years ago

Tue, 05/17/2016 - 14:36
Life was already organising itself into large communities of cells more than a billion years ago, new evidence from China suggests.

VIDEO: Fireball captured on police dashcam

Tue, 05/17/2016 - 14:34
A bright fireball lit up the sky across several states in the US early on Tuesday - and was captured on a police officer's dashcam.

Paradise lost in a tourism boom

Tue, 05/17/2016 - 10:18
Beautiful places threatened by mass tourism