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Flood spending decisions 'perverse', Green Alliance says

Sun, 11/27/2016 - 18:59
England spends nearly four times more on activities that may cause flooding than it invests to combat flooding, a think tank says.

Croatian scientists 'find 30 new species in caves'

Sat, 11/26/2016 - 08:30
Scientists say they have discovered 30 new species of animal in subterranean caves, following a two-year search.

Nature deficit disorder

Fri, 11/25/2016 - 17:16
It's become a buzzword, but what is NDD?

After the quake

Fri, 11/25/2016 - 08:02
Cut off from the outside world, quake-hit Kaikoura's businesses face uncertainty but vow to hold on.

Europe's science ministers to decide on ExoMars rover

Fri, 11/25/2016 - 07:03
European research ministers will be asked for just over €400m (£345m) to put a rover on Mars in 2021 when they meet next week in Switzerland.

Women in science pledge to combat hate

Thu, 11/24/2016 - 17:33
Women of science around the world sign a pledge to combat discrimination in the wake of the US election.

Seasonal wetlands face uncertain future

Thu, 11/24/2016 - 17:31
Ephemeral wetlands are poorly understood habitats and are being lost to future generations as a result of poor land-use practices, warn scientists.

Machine food

Thu, 11/24/2016 - 16:36
The world needs to produce more food to feed a growing population, but is automation and sensor technology the answer?

Heathrow third runway 'to breach climate change laws'

Thu, 11/24/2016 - 16:01
Plans to expand Heathrow Airport are set to breach the government’s climate change laws, advisers warn.

Time to take out the space trash

Thu, 11/24/2016 - 15:08
Scientists are warning there’s now so much space debris in low-Earth orbit that action needs to be taken.

Health Canada proposes ban on pesticide linked to bee deaths

Thu, 11/24/2016 - 14:16
A controversial pesticide, linked to a decline in insect species, may soon be banned in Canada.

Bumper load of new viruses identified

Thu, 11/24/2016 - 06:37
Scientists looking into invertebrate animals discover nearly 1,500 new viruses - the largest number documented in any one study.

360 video: Inside the horrors of human trafficking in Mexico

Thu, 11/24/2016 - 06:36
Maria was sold into slavery - experience her story in our 360 VR feature.

Bletchley Park: 'Codebreakers school' planned for site

Thu, 11/24/2016 - 06:05
Historic codebreaking site Bletchley Park could be turned into a cyberdefence training college.

Egypt ancient city unearthed by archaeologists

Thu, 11/24/2016 - 02:37
Archaeologists in Egypt unearth what they describe as a city that dates back more than 5,000 years.

Meet the crab with the 'mighty claw'

Thu, 11/24/2016 - 02:31
The claws of coconut crabs have the strongest pinching force of any crustacean, according to research.

'Heroic' Antarctic explorers left sea-ice clues

Thu, 11/24/2016 - 02:07
Log books from the early Antarctic expeditions indicate that the area of summer sea-ice around the continent has barely changed in size in a century.

Predatory bacteria can wipe out superbugs, says study

Wed, 11/23/2016 - 19:11
Bacteria which eat others of their kind could be a new weapon in the fight against superbugs.

Huge glacier retreat triggered in 1940s

Wed, 11/23/2016 - 10:05
The melting Antarctic glacier that now contributes more to sea-level rise than any other ice stream on the planet began its big decline in the 1940s.

Air pollution 'causes 467,000 premature deaths a year in Europe'

Wed, 11/23/2016 - 10:05
Toxic air is causing almost half a million premature deaths in Europe every year, a new report says.