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Wild mammals 'return to Chernobyl'

Mon, 10/05/2015 - 08:17
The Chernobyl exclusion zone now has more wildlife than before the 1986 nuclear accident, researchers say.

Work that won Nobel Prize for medicine 2015

Mon, 10/05/2015 - 08:06
The work that won the 2015 Nobel Prize for medicine

Chile creates new marine reserves

Mon, 10/05/2015 - 07:16
Chile announces the creation of two new marine reserves off its coast which together will cover more than a million sq km.

Nasa photo archive posted online

Mon, 10/05/2015 - 05:39
One man's mission to upload 13,000 photographs that Nasa said it didn't have the resources to publish.

VIDEO: Nobel Prize rewards parasite research

Mon, 10/05/2015 - 05:09
The Nobel Prize for physiology or medicine has been split two ways for groundbreaking work on parasitic diseases.

Nobel Prize for anti-parasite drugs

Mon, 10/05/2015 - 03:37
The Nobel Prize for physiology or medicine has been awarded to two teams for their groundbreaking work on parasitic diseases.

VIDEO: Plastic bag charge: Environmental impact

Mon, 10/05/2015 - 00:09
Many shoppers in England will have to pay 5p for plastic carrier bags from Monday in a bid to slash the 7.6 billion handed out every year.

Mammal species outlived the dinosaurs

Sun, 10/04/2015 - 20:11
Scientists have discovered a species of ancient mammal that survived the event that led to the extinction of the dinosaurs.

The greenest island in the world?

Sun, 10/04/2015 - 18:15
The island hoping to become the greenest in the world

VIDEO: How plastic may end up in your food

Sun, 10/04/2015 - 15:13
Biologist Dr Pennie Lindeque from Plymouth Marine Laboratory explains how plastics in the marine environment get into the food chain.

Conflict and survival: Biology photo award

Sat, 10/03/2015 - 17:29
Photos shortlisted for Royal Society of Biology prize

VIDEO: Farmers find woolly mammoth skeleton

Sat, 10/03/2015 - 11:58
Farmers in Michigan uncover a woolly mammoth skeleton in a soybean field.

Supernova 'stream' in lab's sights

Fri, 10/02/2015 - 08:31
A global collaboration will aim to unravel the mysteries of neutrinos - also known as "ghost particles".

Dartmoor ponies painted 'to cut deaths'

Fri, 10/02/2015 - 06:44
Ponies on Dartmoor are to have reflective paint put on them in a scheme that aims to cut the number being killed by vehicles.

Additive promises crash-safe fuel

Fri, 10/02/2015 - 05:04
Chemical engineers develop an additive for jet fuel that could prevent explosions without compromising engine function.

UN battle looms over climate costs

Fri, 10/02/2015 - 04:58
Divisions between rich and poor countries re-emerge as nations submit their plans for tackling climate change to the UN.

VIDEO: St Albans sinkhole 'caused by brickworks'

Thu, 10/01/2015 - 22:18
The British Geological Survey says a large sinkhole which opened in St Albans, Herts, may be linked to an old brickworks which used to be on the site.

Is there life on Mars?

Thu, 10/01/2015 - 15:53
Evidence is growing that there might have been some once

VIDEO: Plastic in oceans 'threatens food chain'

Thu, 10/01/2015 - 11:11
As England prepares to introduce a charge for plastic bags, Science Editor David Shukman reports on the possible threat to the food chain, by the plastics broken down into tiny fragments in our oceans.

Charon moon seen in super detail

Thu, 10/01/2015 - 11:00
Pluto's major moon, Charon, takes centre stage in this week's release of new pictures from the New Horizons mission.