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CITES species body rejects process for ivory sales

BBC Science - 2 hours 31 min ago
Delegates at the Cites meeting in Johannesburg have defeated an attempt to set up a process to resume sales of ivory.

Proteins from 'deep time' found in ostrich eggshell

BBC Science - 2 hours 50 min ago
Scientists extract fossil proteins - some of biological tissue's building blocks - in a 3.8 million year-old ostrich eggshell.

Ants Pick Morphine Over Sugar

NY Times Science - Mon, 09/26/2016 - 14:10
This is the first nonmammal to display drug-seeking behavior, researchers said.

Trilobites: Geysers May Erupt on Europa, Jupiter’s Moon

NY Times Science - Mon, 09/26/2016 - 14:01
There is new evidence that plumes of water erupt through the icy surface of Jupiter’s moon Europa.

Trilobites: Tardigrades Have the Right Stuff to Resist Radiation

NY Times Science - Mon, 09/26/2016 - 13:55
Japanese researchers have found a protein in tardigrade cells that confers an ability to tolerate doses of radiation that would kill most other animals.

Water spotted spurting from Jupiter's moon

BBC Science - Mon, 09/26/2016 - 13:22
Nasa says jets of water spotted spurting from Jupiter's moon, Europa, take them a step closer to finding out if there is life in space.

Rosetta on the Way to Crash Into a Comet

NY Times Science - Mon, 09/26/2016 - 12:55
As the European Space Agency prepares to bring its most ambitious mission to an end, data gathered by the spacecraft will help scientists understand how Earth and other planets formed.

Researchers Make Progress Toward Identifying C.T.E. in the Living

NY Times Science - Mon, 09/26/2016 - 12:50
One group of researchers revealed a step toward identifying in the brain a biomarker linked to the disease; another found elevated levels of tau proteins in blood samples.

Reactions: Letters to the Editor

NY Times Science - Mon, 09/26/2016 - 11:53
Readers react to articles in Science Times.

Q&A: Organic Milk Will Wait and Wait for You

NY Times Science - Mon, 09/26/2016 - 11:45
A different, hotter pasteurization process helps explain why organic milk has a longer shelf life than the other stuff.

Europa moon 'spewing water jets'

BBC Science - Mon, 09/26/2016 - 11:13
Further evidence has been obtained to show that Jupiter's icy moon Europa throws jets of water out into space.

For Rosetta, a Landing and an Ending on a Comet

NY Times Science - Mon, 09/26/2016 - 09:32
The spacecraft is to end its 12-year pursuit of Comet 67P/Churyumov–Gerasimenko on Friday. Here is what the European Space Agency mission found out.

Scientists Inspect the Great Barrier Reef, From 28,000 Feet Above

NY Times Science - Mon, 09/26/2016 - 08:48
A NASA flying laboratory is using a specially designed sensor in a search for answers about what is killing large sections of the world’s coral reefs.

A New Debate Over Pricing the Risks of Climate Change

NY Times Science - Mon, 09/26/2016 - 08:10
Exxon Mobil says it’s not possible to predict how climate change will affect its business. A bill in Congress says it shouldn’t be asked to.

‘Aviation’s Paris Moment’ as Nations Near Emissions Deal

NY Times Science - Mon, 09/26/2016 - 07:15
The measure would be a major step in reducing the effect of an often-overlooked contributor to climate change: greenhouse gas emissions from overseas flights.

SpaceX 'Mars' rocket engine tested

BBC Science - Mon, 09/26/2016 - 05:44
Private company SpaceX has carried out its first test of the Raptor rocket engine designed to send humans to Mars.

'Colossal' wasp nest found in Corby attic

BBC Science - Mon, 09/26/2016 - 04:46
A "colossal" wasp nest the size of a "barrel" with a 1.4m tunnel attached is found in an attic.

China's Geely auto group backs Bloodhound

BBC Science - Mon, 09/26/2016 - 03:11
China’s Geely auto group has become the main sponsor behind the British Bloodhound supersonic car project, enabling an assault on the land speed record.

ScienceTake: Pigeons Resist Misguided Leaders

NY Times Science - Mon, 09/26/2016 - 03:00
When the leader of a homing pigeon flock goes the wrong way, the flock still finds its way home.

Follow the Leader(s)

NY Times Science - Mon, 09/26/2016 - 03:00
When a leader tries to take a flock in the wrong direction, homing pigeons still find the right way home.
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