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Tigers maul two women at Beijing wildlife park

BBC Science - 13 hours 14 min ago
Tigers at a wildlife park in Beijing have killed one woman and injured another after the pair left their vehicle, Chinese media reports say.

Solar Impulse: Zero-fuel plane begins final flight

BBC Science - Sat, 07/23/2016 - 16:59
The Sun-powered aircraft Solar Impulse sets out from Egypt's capital, Cairo, on the last leg of its quest to circle the globe.

Rare bog butterfly flutters back from brink

BBC Science - Fri, 07/22/2016 - 17:37
A small bog in Lancashire is once again home to a rare species of butterfly, for the first time in 100 years.

Basics: In Africa, Birds and Humans Form a Unique Honey Hunting Party

NY Times Science - Fri, 07/22/2016 - 10:24
Tribesmen and honeyguides share an ancient pact and communicate in trills and grunts, scientists report. The shared goal: beehives full of honey and wax.

Trilobites: Continents Split Up at the Same Speed Finger Nails Grow. And That’s Fast.

NY Times Science - Fri, 07/22/2016 - 06:54
As the supercontinent Pangea broke apart, its pieces entered phases where they accelerated to speeds 20 times as fast as they were traveling before

Telecopes: A giant leap for Africa

BBC Science - Fri, 07/22/2016 - 03:50
Currently under construction, the MeerKAT telescope in South Africa is establishing its role in scientific research.

Sunburned dolphin spotted in Moray Firth

BBC Science - Fri, 07/22/2016 - 03:17
A dolphin that was sunburned while stranded out of water on mudflats for 24 hours in May appears to be recovering from its injuries.

The Science of Fat: Skinny and 119 Pounds, but With the Health Hallmarks of Obesity

NY Times Science - Fri, 07/22/2016 - 03:00
A small group of thin patients who develop disorders typically tied to obesity pose a medical mystery and a potential opportunity for scientists.

Super-hard metal 'four times tougher than titanium'

BBC Science - Thu, 07/21/2016 - 20:59
A super-hard metal is made in the laboratory by melting together titanium and gold.

Drought 'shuts down Amazon carbon sink'

BBC Science - Thu, 07/21/2016 - 20:56
A recent drought shut down the Amazon Basin's carbon sink by killing trees and slowing trees' growth rates, a first-of-its-kind study shows.

F.Y.I.: New York Slang, an Officer’s Stripes and Eclipses

NY Times Science - Thu, 07/21/2016 - 19:00
Explaining terminology used in New York’s old days, how to read a police officer’s uniform and the last total solar eclipse visible here.

Tarantulas to Pet and Crickets to Taste: It’s Bug Day at the Hall of Science

NY Times Science - Thu, 07/21/2016 - 14:05
The New York Hall of Science’s annual Bug Day will include children’s crafts, intriguing favors and unusual hors d’oeuvres.

Trilobites: Two’s Company, Three’s a Lichen?

NY Times Science - Thu, 07/21/2016 - 12:53
New research challenges the one fungus-one alga paradigm of how lichens form.

Wild birds 'come when called' to help hunt honey

BBC Science - Thu, 07/21/2016 - 11:12
Honey hunters in Mozambique rely on the help of honeyguide birds - and a new study reveals their two-way communication.

Trilobites: Facebook Moves One Step Closer to Light-Based Wireless Communication

NY Times Science - Thu, 07/21/2016 - 09:45
Researchers from Facebook’s Connectivity Lab have created a new light detector for receiving communication signals through laser beams

Brain map carves cortex into twice as many areas

BBC Science - Thu, 07/21/2016 - 06:01
A brain map built up from scans of more than 400 individuals has carved the "cortex" into 180 different compartments, including 97 new ones.

On the Environment: How Markets Can Help Us Adapt to Climate Change

NY Times Science - Thu, 07/21/2016 - 00:30
Insurance markets can communicate important information about risk — unless prevented by well-meaning but harmful regulations.

Nuclear Subsidies Are Key Part of New York’s Clean-Energy Plan

NY Times Science - Wed, 07/20/2016 - 18:01
Approval of the subsidies would make New York one of the first states to reward nuclear plants for producing zero greenhouse-gas emissions.

The Debunker: Flawed Study of Advanced Prostate Cancer Spreads False Alarm

NY Times Science - Wed, 07/20/2016 - 17:50
Widespread reports of a big increase in advanced prostate cancer were based on a study whose methodology has been criticized.

Twycross Zoo begins great ape heart disease study

BBC Science - Wed, 07/20/2016 - 16:18
Twycross Zoo and the University of Nottingham are to look into why great apes are susceptible to heart disease.
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